This world is full of badasses. And you don’t have to go far to find them.

You just have to ask the right questions.

When I moved to Missoula, Montana, I found myself in what felt like an epicenter of badass women. And as a young, female entrepreneur, being dropped into a community of these ladies was a total game-changer.

They’re a constant reminder that the hardest, scariest, and strangest things that we do are often the most magical.

This is what unites all of the women you will find featured on the Badasserie Blog. They’ve done or been through something unconventional. They’ve made a little bit of magic. They’ve taken the more difficult path.

I’m always challenging myself to take that difficult path, too. And here is what it has led me to:

My own unique STEM-based business

Four states I’ve settled in in five years

Teaching first grade in Ghana

Backpacking through Wyoming wilderness

Donating my eggs

The more women I met and the more questions I asked, the more value I saw in my connections with badass women. And I realized that I needed to collect their stories in one place.

Welcome to that place.